When you download my songs from Apple Music or any other music site for $.99, 25% of the proceeds goes directly to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital.  Thank you for helping me to make a difference for these special kids.  I have been sponsoring them since I was 8 years old.         

                            XO  Mylee Rose XO

Hi, My name is Mylee Rose, and I am a 13 year old singer/songwriter. I also love theatre and dancing! In these troubling times, with Covid-19, I am hard at work on my new album! You will be able to listen to it soon on Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Stay tuned for new updates about the release date.

Even though these times are hard, I am still pushing through like the rest of you. Before Covid-19 I was supposed to take part in "We Will Rock You - young@part" in Cast A & B at Broadway Workshop! I will be playing Scaramouch! I hope that soon we will be able to put on this amazing show! Make sure you become apart of my email list so you can get notified when the show is back on.


Another one of my passions is playing instruments! Right now I play the guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, and the piano. My goal is to try as many instruments as I can. In my opinion, learning an instrument is like talking, it's hard at first but then it becomes a natural thing.

I would say that I am considered a pop-country artist! I am so lucky to have opened for gospel singer, Aaron Shust, country singer, Hudson Moore, and music artist, Ronnie McDowell.  I have also made many other public singing appearances with the MLB Tampa Bay Rays, Philadelphia Flyers, Lehigh Valley Phantoms, The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, Lafayette College, as well as at Notre Dame University for a ND/Florida State basketball game. I was so happy to be asked to go back to Tampa in September of 2020 to sing at the Rays vs. NY Yankees game, but that is on hold right now.

Some of the shows I have done include...

Annie Get Your Gun- Nellie

Mary Poppins-  Jane Banks

Annie- Annie

Giants in the Sky- Gene

Peter Pan- Tinkerbell

Change The musical- Change

Willie Wonka Jr- Charlie Bucket

From early on I knew I had a love for performing, and according to my close friends and family, I have always had a talent for it. In addition to intense local and NY vocal training , I began studying in New York City with Broadway Workshop whose programs are taught by working professionals, from Broadway stars to casting directors to seasoned Film & TV actors who have shared their knowledge and enthusiasm. 


I may be small but I believe my dream is powerful, and if I try hard enough, I can succeed. I am a very smiley person and some of my friends even call me Smiley Mylee.  So I know that I have done a good job when the other person is smiling too.

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